About Alejandro Jomar Ramirez

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About Alejandro Jomar

This Website was a collaborative effort between Bohemian Opera Productions, the wasting my 20's collective, propaganda entertainment, and alejandro jomar ramirez. all rights reserved.

Alejandro Jomar Ramirez, known as Alejandro Jomar, is a renowned New York based Fashion Designer, Social Media Influencer, Producer and Songwriter. Influenced by 90’s Boom Bap, 2000’s R&B, Modern Trap, and Lo-Fi. Alejandro delivers a unique take on the woes of an upper class lifestyle, suicidal thoughts, and experience with women through a Modern R&B sound.

Alejandro is dropping his debut music project this Summer of 2020, titled Trap-Fi! Trap-Fi is Alejandro’s first music project, with a variety of different sounds, that make the project listenable for anybody, whether the listener is a fan of Trap, Lo-Fi, House, or Pop Music.

Alejandro was raised in Freeport, New York, of Long Island. Alejandro Jomar Ramirez’s birthday is January 7th, 1998. He is of full Puerto Rican decent. Alejandro releases music under the Propaganda ENT. LLC. record label.

Alejandro Jomar’s Trap-Fi project began in 2015 unknowingly. A year and one day after Alejandro Jomar’s close attempt at suicide, Alejandro Jomar produced the intrumental to Trap-Fi’s “The Day After.” Little did he know, he would be inspired by this same beat in November of 2019 to create and album of his experiences with suicide, women, deaths of his friends and family, and the struggles and life of a renowned fashion designer and social media influencer.

Alejandro Jomar Ramirez is the proud and famed Creative Director of luxury Menswear brand GIORGENTI New York. Alejandro is also a proud member of the Wasting My 20’s Collective, a group of talented young artists whom have worked with some of the biggest New York based icons. Alejandro Jomar is also a partner of Bohemian Opera Productions, a high end media agency, aimed at delivering the best video and photo content possible. And lastly, Alejandro is a proud member of the Propaganda ENT. LLC. record label.

Alejandro Jomar’s Trap-Fi has two moods, two personalities. One side is about pain, suffering, suicidal thoughts, and loss. Emotions that not only Alejandro is familiar with, but all of us are. The tracks on Trap-Fi that follow this format are I’ve Been Lost, The Day After, Spoken Word, and Alone/Fade Away. The second side is about pleasure, and the eccentric lifestyle Alejandro lives. The tracks on Trap-Fi that follow this format are Tailored Garments, Roll Up, Wave, Vanity, Thursday, and Wasting My 20’s. Trap-Fi Outro (Letter To My People) is a mix of both moods; a fitting end to the emotional project.

Alejandro Jomar began his modelling career in 2018, having worked with many high end fashion brands, such as Kilian Fragrances, Monfrère fashion, and Nadaam Co.

Alejandro Jomar Ramirez also became the creative director for luxury menswear brand GIORGENTI New York in 2018. Alejandro frequently models his own clothing, and works directly with his selected models to represent GIORGENTI, with the help of Bohemian Opera Productions, a videography and photography company Alejandro Jomar is involved in.