By Alejandro Jomar

Trap-Fi is Alejandro Jomar’s 11 track debut music project, set to be released on June 25th, 2020. Alejandro Jomar has distinguished himself as one of New York’s most diverse and distinguished R&B artists and record producers. Alejandro’s sound is developed on the backbone of years of experience with LoFi, Boom Bap, and Trap record production. Using these skills and sound design techniques, Alejandro has developed his own genre of music within Contemporary R&B, which he respectively calls “Trap-Fi,” which is an intimate blend of Trap bounce production and LoFi melody, as per the name.

About Trap-Fi

Alejandro divides Trap-Fi into two moods, which he titles “Pain & Pleasure.” The “Pleasure” portion of Alejandro’s two-mood project boasts an upbeat, more commercial feel to the album. On these tracks, Alejandro speaks on living with an eccentric, dandy lifestyle, in which he constantly maintains for himself and his family and friends close to him. He also touches on his experiences with “high-class” women, who share his addiction for shopping and luxury. “Pleasure” is comprised of the tracks “Tailored Garments,” “Roll Up,” “Wave,” “Vanity,” “Thursday,” and “Wasting My 20’s.” These tracks share an upbeat, bouncy sound that delivers an energetic take on Modern and Contemporary R&B.

The “Pain” portion of the album is what inspired Alejandro to teach himself how to sing, which he began doing in November of 2019. “Pain” is Alejandro’s bread-and-butter driving source for inspiration, which allows Alejandro to deliver a dark take on music and a more melancholy feel for his fans, as well as a surprise spoken word poem by Alejandro, which he showcases his roots as a brief spoken word poet. On this portion of the project, Alejandro speaks on his experiences with extreme suicidal thoughts, his one near-suicide attempt, heavy heartbreak and loneliness, and ultimately, the loss of his many friends and family members to death. In the span of 2014–2015, Alejandro lost about 8 friends and family members to death, including his Godmother, which was his second mother figure in his life, whom he credits much of his inspiration to. Since 2015, Alejandro has continually lost friends and family to death through natural and unnatural causes. Alejandro expresses his sorrows and immense grief on the “Pain” portion of Trap-Fi. “Pain” encompasses the tracks “I’ve Been Lost,” “The Day After,” “Spoken Word,” “Alone/Fade Away Interlude,” and “Trap-Fi Outro (Letter To My People).”

Alejandro began the majority of production and recording for Trap-Fi in December of 2019, with his brother Deja, who is CEO of entertainment label Propaganda ENT. However, the beat to “The Day After” was created on December 28th, 2017, which was 3 years and 1 day after the suicide attempt of Alejandro Jomar. Hence, he named the beat, and eventually the recorded track, “The Day After.”

In February of 2020, Alejandro grew sick with early stages of COVID-19, and displayed this sickness for almost a month and a half. However, Alejandro continued recording Trap-Fi throughout his sickness regardless, as he felt he had too much on his heart at the time, and he wanted to release the project in time for the anniversary for his Godmother’s death date, which he ultimately missed due to publishing issues. Even so, Alejandro still recorded the vocals for his project, delivering a raw but emotional performance to accompany his heart-felt production.

Trap-Fi releases June 25th, 2020 on all major streaming platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL, etc., as well as social media platforms such as Instagram and Tik Tok.